Japanese Maple Saplings

    Japanese maples aren’t raw food for humans per se, but they are so for some birds. The large maple does attract birds like the dark-eye junco and finches when their leaves are full of seeds. Lucky for us, the mature maple has showered so many needs onto our patio garden, […]

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    Indian Summer Picnic

    As the summer turns to fall and temperatures start to drop in the rest of the country, we still have some hot days left in our “Indian summer” here in San Francisco – it was in the 80s last week, and we’re talking about the first week of October! While […]

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    Terrarium Sprouts

    The terrarium started sprouting today! I put in a lot of different seeds to see what would grow in there, and dumped in rainbow chard, butterhead lettuce, bok choy, and arugula. I guess we can wait a little to find out what these sprouts end up growing into, but for […]

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    • Wild Blackberries

    Foraging for Wild Blackberries

    I love picking wild blackberries! Summer is here so some of them are starting to ripen. Look for messy, thorny bushes with white flowers. You have be careful because the thorns are apt to snag you, but the taste and experience of picking wild blackberries out in the summer is […]

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