kleen kanteen food canisters

When you first switch to eating raw or mostly raw, you’ll notice that you’ll get hungry more frequently – that’s probably because you are eating about the same portions of food as before, but veggies and fruit are a lot less calorically dense than grains, say pasta or bread, so you’ll have to eat much larger portions (~2x) or more frequently.

I prefer eating more frequently than having larger portions, so bringing raw food with me helps to curb those raw hunger pains, keeps me from buying pre-packaged snacks or sweets when I’m out, makes it easier to order “just a salad” when I’m with friends.

Any kind of food canisters will work, but kleen kanteen food canisters are my favorite. Plus I love that minimalist sleekness: matte brushed stainless steel in a perfect cylindrical form and just a subtle logo, since I’m not a big fan of being a walking advertisement.

  • doesn’t leak
  • insulate the food well
  • reusable
  • easy to clean
  • Bonus: matches their stainless steel + bamboo top water bottle

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